The Mystery of Briony Lodge

By David Bagchi

Category: Fiction, Historical, Humorous

Formats available: Hardback, Ebook

Pages: 113

Publication date: 08/08/16

ISBN-13: 9781909954076


Jerome K. Kerome’s Three Men in a Boat meets Sherlock Holmes.

London, the early 1890s. Jerome and his fox-terrier Montmorency have recently moved to a new set of rooms in Mrs Hudson’s establishment in Baker Street. The tenant of the floor below has some anti-social habits, such as working with odiferous chemicals and, when bored, firing a revolver into his ceiling. But at least the rent is low.

Jerome and his friends are planning their latest jaunt – and indulging their favourite pastime of bemoaning the inconveniences of modern nineteenth-century living – when Miss Briony Lodge calls at Baker Street to ask their help. Who is sending her orange pips? Whoever it is, they are getting closer by the day. When two, more sinister, strangers call, it becomes clear that the beautiful young schoolmistress is in deadly danger.  But what match are a bank clerk, a lawyer’s assistant, a dog and a novelist for a international gang of desperadoes?  None whatsoever. Until Mrs Hudson takes charge…


I belted through The Mystery of Briony Lodge with huge enjoyment. It is wonderfully silly, an ingenious conceit and altogether a cracking good read. --Jeremy Nicholas, President of the Jerome K. Jerome Society

- Jeremy Nicholas, President of the Jerome K. Jerome Society

David Bagchi

Born in Walsall of Indian and Welsh stock, and educated there and at Oxford, David Bagchi is an academic. Starting out as a historical theologian he became, in what he describes as a shock career move, a theological historian. In 2010 he started pressing the wrong keys on his laptop, and two years later his first novel, a Tudor conspiracy thriller, won the TBS Novel Prize. The Mystery of Briony Lodge is his second work of fiction.

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