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Online Event! Poetry & the Environment – James Thornton & William Sieghart

The top environental law group ClientEarth has been holding a series of webinars through 2020. Next up – their founding CEO and Barbican Press author James Thornton talking with William Sieghart CBE, founder of the Forward Prizes for Poetry and National Poetry Day, and author of the bestselling The Poetry …

Chris Westoby – Why anxiety, OCD & depression are worth sharing

I’ve had a severe anxiety disorder for my whole life. Growing up, I kept my illness secret, even from my parents. Partly through the shame of the things I thought, the things I was afraid of, my hidden behaviours, but also because it was the 00s and nobody seemed to talk about these …

Paul Harfleet – The Power of Pansies, Birds and Art

Birds feature in the story of Pansy Boy, but they get their own star feature at the end of the book in your hand drawn Field Guide to Birds. Why was it important to include those pages? When the book felt almost complete and was filled with the birds I …

Welcome to Barbican Press

Barbican Press – your passport to Europe

You know how books can take you to somewhere you’d rather be?

For readers weary of Brexit and isolationism, join us on a remarkable European journey. Each of our new titles looks outward.

Come to Ireland and Italy, with Maggie Hamand’s theological thriller Virgin & Child.  Let James Thornton’s poetry insinuate you into the life of a French valley in his Notes from a Mountain Village. And then turn to Italy and Provence in Peter Thornton’s upcoming new verse translation of Petrarch’s love notes to Laura and landscape, Scattered Rhymes.

Colin Sargent opens up recent Romanian history in Red Hands, a compelling ‘true story’ of a famous mother fleeing the revolution with her infant son. And let Miranda Miller take you back to the 18th century for her own true life novel of another extraordinary woman’s life, the portrait painter Angelica Kauffman, in Miranda’s Angelica, Paintress of Minds.

The leading Czech writer Martin Vopenka jumps forward a century to populate a Czech Republiic and Greece embattled by climate change in My Brother the Messiah.

England is part of Europe too, of course, so follow Chris Westoby’s journey into a mind wracked by anxiety in his true tale, The Fear Talking. What’s teenage Briatin like? It’s like this.

And it won’t stop there. Martin Goodman’s novel of 1970s Berlin,

On Bended Knees, will lead you back into a postwar era when Europe was divided by walls and barbed wire. And Sarah Walton will beguile you with a Mallorca of hidden war guilts and dark sexual passions in her compelling The Silk Pavilion.

This focus on Europe wasn’t conscious on our part. But it’s clearly where we needed to go. We think you do too. Welcome to our site, and come travel with us!



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