Readers (inc. Helen Mort) on The Headscarf Revolutionaries

August 22, 2015

One thing has always been true of publishing: readers are its lifeblood. That fact now becomes clearer than ever. Book sections slim down, top-name authors share the few reviews between them, and the true marketing becomes readers word of mouth.
It takes effort to read a book and share your response – and so our special thanks to every reader who does so. Publishing is a very marginal business, and each reader review is a true support. Brian W. Lavery’s THE HEADSCARF REVOLUTIONARIES has just gathered 11 reviews on, each of them five stars. And then there are the touching reader’s blogs. One has just popped up from one of the UK’s finest poets, Helen Mort. She shares her current readings, and this is her take on The Headscarf Revolutionaries. It’s heartening, to have a book of the year selected in August! And we are delighted that the book moves a poet into the space of making new poetry. What could be finer?
So many thanks Helen, and all. Please keep your responses coming to all our titles.