New Vopenka is the ‘Science Fiction Book of the Month’ – The Times

February 15, 2021

The Times crowns a great launch week for Martin Vopenka, making his MY BROTHER THE MESSIAH their Science Fiction Book of the Month.

This is a HARD book to grapple with in a short piece, but we’re impressed how well reviewers have taken to the task. Simon Ings grapples with Vopenka’s reputation as ‘the new Kundera’ – and of course, just to debate such a question is good. Ings concludes that My Brother the Messiah ‘weaves a gloomy, gripping, spiritual spell all of its own’.

My Brother the Messiah review in THE LADY

And here’s something else that’s striking. Reviewers for utterly different readerships all come out with huge positives for the book. None could be more different than The Morning Star (‘This is an Acts of the Apostles for a post-Christian Europe’) and The Lady (‘Vopenka creates a thought-provoking narrative exploring religion, politics and democracy. The author’s distinctive voice and vision are well worth exploring.’)

Here’s Aurealis from out in Australia: ‘Czech author Martin Vopenka tackles complex contemporary issues in his writing. My Brother the Messiah is no exception—a quietly profound story that moves slowly at a deliberate pace and stays compelling. It presents a subtle and provocative meditation on the nature of faith and hope in the face of despair and chaos.’

And Jewish Renaissance: ‘Vopenka’s voice is Czech yet global and his prose compelling.’

We cherish the care the reviewers have put in to their reading, and letting others know that this book is there and waiting. Is this a world classic just making its first baby steps in the world? We think so. Please try it for yourself!



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