Spirit Nights

By Easterine Kire

Category: All Books, Fiction, SciFi / Fantasy, Women's

Formats available: Paperback, Ebook

Pages: 200

Publication date: 03/03/22

ISBN-13: 9781909954540

A tale of Nagaland folklore, of eternal darkness and of fulfilling one’s destiny.

Longlisted for the JCB Prize for Literature

‘I harvested community memory of the Naga tribes in their remote village homes to gather the tales that fuel this novel. These stories reflect their spiritual world and while some might think of the stories as fantasy or magical, for the villagers, and for me, they are our reality. From them, I have learned about trusting my own power as a woman, and how a storm of forces are at work behind the observed world of our everyday lives. In Nagaland, we live our lives in great intimacy with the natural world and I hope this novel helps return western readers to such a place of awe for nature.’ – Easterine Kire

A tiger has eaten the sun, plunging Tola’s village into perpetual night time. Her people are confined to their homes, frightened and isolated. A terrible taboo has been violated to cause this disaster. But the wise elder has dreamed of this day, and her grandson Namu is eager to help. Only through journeying into unknown spirit realms, and acting with wisdom and courage, can they get the light back.

Easterine Kire is the first Nagaland novelist to write in English, and draws on real Naga tribal stories for this novel. Spirit Nights includes an essay about these ‘Dark Time Accounts’ and additional informative notes.

Some Blogger Reaction:

‘A beautifully crafted story… Tola was strong, compassionate, fierce and more.’ @thebwordx

‘Naga folklore at its best.’ @rammawi

‘Namu and Tola’s relationship was the beating heart within Spirit Nights.’ @labibliobecca

‘Kire… has captured the essence of what it is to be human.’ @reviewswithmaria

‘An immersive story with a touch of magical realism… Spirit Nights will guide you along.’ @chrysalis11

SPIRIT NIGHT launches in the USA and CA on 3rd October 2023.


Spirit Nights is a story of how the moral balance of community life is made up of delicate elements, and how easily it can get disturbed by seemingly meaningless thoughts and actions. It succeeds in infusing life into a mythological tale of light and darkness, and should be read for its masterful humanising of the didactic

- Scroll India

A nuanced evocation of the Naga world in all its exuberant magnificence as it uncovers bit by bit, the marrow of Naga life. Spirit Nights uses its encounter with the magical to explore the themes of haunting, love and loss, betrayal and loyalty, and tribe and community while it simmers in an alchemy of the visual and the verbal.

- East Mojo

SPIRIT NIGHTS is a challenging yet compelling read, but one likely to fully reward the persistent reader by its close. Easterine Kire offers an immersive experience that certainly can be classified as part mythology and part an ethnographical study. Yet, in so many more respects, it is far more than the combination of these two genres, as it also explores the universal themes of love, loss, courage and the tension between individual and collective responses to existential threats…. I learnt to read Spirit Nights with my inner eye and to follow the wise author in viewing each situation just as she presented them. By the end, I had come to appreciate and admire Tola and her family and the stories and customs that she embodies.

- The Morning Star

Superstition, ancient prophecies and the spirit world are at the heart of this pertinent fable set in the author’s native Nagaland in north-east India. Kire’s rich and creative storytelling relay important moral messages about human behaviour within a compelling narrative… Writing confidently in English, Kire, who has previously published poems and fiction in the Naga language, creates an atmosphere of foreboding. Is the darkness a punishment for humanity’s bad behaviour? Is it the end of the world? Her eerie prose conveys an air of menace that draws the reader in.

- The Lady

To read Easterine Kire is to fall under the spell of an easeful, velvety, pitch-perfect storytelling. Spirit Nights brings together the lull of fable, the revelation of allegory, the vitality of folklore and the intimacy of the familial in a manner that is distinctly Kire. This book is especially memorable for a powerful female protagonist whose age-ripened wisdom is needed to save a community on the verge of being engulfed and erased by darkness.

- Gayathri Prabhu

A rich festival of storytelling - playful, poignant and profound. Easterine Kire reimagines marvels for new audiences, shining fresh light on ancient wisdom and revealing truths that have united humanity for centuries. A beautiful read.

- Ann Morgan, Reading Around the World

Easterine Kire

Dr Easterine Kire, poet, short story writer and novelist, was born in Kohima, Nagaland, a state in Northeast India. Her tales drawn from her indigenous Naga culture are now stem from her home in Arctic Norway. In 1982, she was the first Naga poet in to have her poetry published in English. In 2003, she wrote A Naga Village Remembered, the first Naga novel in English. In 2011 she was awarded the Governor’s medal for excellence in Naga literature. Her novel, Bitter Wormwood was shortlisted for the Hindu Lit for …

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