On Bended Knees

By Martin Goodman

Category: Fiction, Historical

Formats available: Paperback, Ebook

Pages: 230

Publication date: 12/05/22

ISBN-13: 9781909954502

The Second World War is over, but young Tomas learns that Europe’s wounds have not yet healed.


Tomas is taught by English war veterans. He walks the ruins of Coventry with his Gran, the city still rebuilding from the blitz.

But his mother is German, and as he nears adulthood Tomas finds himself heading to Berlin. He’s taken in by his enigmatic uncle, a blind, disgraced Nazi soldier. Arm in arm, they explore a drastically changing Berlin, leading one another to places anew. Tomas finds more family out in Dresden, a city decimated by Allied firebombs,

What might a young man make of this shattered legacy?

What might we inherit from the wars of our elders, and how might we move on?



Goodman interweaves a young man's search for selfhood in provincial Britian with the mysteries of his mother's German past.

- Vogue

ON BENDED KNEES is a professional combination of rite-of-passage novel and cultural quest. The troubled half-German adolescent hero, Tomas, goes to stay with relatives in Berlin, following the disturbing death of his father. That city is brilliantly seen through the hero’s eyes, as is the character who effectively steals the novel, the blind and autocratic Herr Poppel. The novel comes most to life when Tomas and Poppel are taking their walks around the divided city’s streets and parks, the older man dispensing the secrets of longevity, the younger man hesitantly challenging him on the implications of his cast-iron pronouncements and their relation to Germany’s guilty past. A very impressive debut.

- The Scotsman

ON BENDED KNEES is puzzling at first, because Tomas, who wants to tell his own story with proper attention – ‘on bended knees’ – seems to have very little personality, or even particular preference. But you come to see that he is conserving himself deliberately against the old suffering, the tired old guilt of the adults. He is biding his time. DJ Taylor has called ON BENDED KNEES “deceptively simple”, but I can’t see what’s deceptive about it. Simplicity is a great virtue, in novels as elsewhere. After all, it can only be produced from sincerity.

- The Evening Standard

This excellent first novel's central character is so completely realised he could have walked out of one of those enigmatic Bruce Chatwin pieces about old mysterious European types.

- Time Out

Heralds a new dawn for British writing.

- The Daily Post

The novel's blunt, no-frills economy is part of its charm. Goodman writes with flare and panache, and the narrative fizzes along. Goodman's novel soars.

- The Times

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