This unique literary thriller, included in Lambda Literary’s April 2023 list of their most anticipated LGBTQIA+ books, is out in the USA today!

Patrick, the first Irish Pope, is sure of many things: his faith, the sanctity of life, that he is a man, that he is celibate.

Then all he’s held true is cast into doubt.

How can he act as the moral heart of the church when his convictions falter and his secrets threaten to destroy all he’s achieved? Catholicism and modern morality are held in tension, and Pope Patrick must make once unimaginable choices. When the truth begins to emerge, the Vatican wants him silenced. The Pope’s sheltered existence becomes a race of life and death.

Maggie Hamand is a novelist, journalist, and non-fiction author. She wrote the best-selling Creative Writing for Dummies, and her first novel, The Resurrection of the Body, was published to critical acclaim and has been optioned for film and television. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Hull, where she leads MA modules in the Short Story and the Novel.

A Note from the Author:

This novel goes to the heart of current debates about abortion rights, gender and sexual identity, and the tension between scientific knowledge and religious faith. Written with the pace of a thriller, it’s a book that will carry you along to find out what happens at the same time as making you think.

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