Sunday morning, 9am (who thought of that?) 30th June 2013 saw Barbican Press author D.D.Johnston at Imperial College, London for a presentation on his new novel The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub at the Great Writing Conference.

It was maybe a unique occasion – the passage of a novel through PhD Creative Writing process was captured in discussion between the student, the supervisor and the examiner. The examiner in this instance was Martin Goodman.  D.D.’s thesis made such an impression, Martin went away determined to start the ‘doctored books’ list of Barbican Press so the rest of the world could share the thesis as a novel. We are especially happy to have an audio recording of that panel discussion to share with you all. It’s a fascinating backdrop for readers of the novel, incudes read excerpts … and the account of how this particular PhD developed at the University of Gloucestershire should hopefully be of great value to anyone interested in the study of creative writing.

D.D.Johnston speaking about his novel, alongside Martin Randall and Martin Goodman. (Effective volume kicks in after the brief introduction.)