Wonderful novels, some of the wonders of our first ten years of publishing, still shining BRIGHT and now only 99p on ebook. Check them out! Buy them for yourselves! Gift your friends a surprise!

Martin Vopenka’s THE FIFTH DIMENSION. The Czech novelist unravels mysteries in the Andes. ‘Absorbing, haunting and intellectually engaging throughout.’ – The Financial Times

James Thornton’s astounding SPHINX: The Second Coming. ‘Intelligent, inspiring and innovative’-  Manda Scott,

Martin Goodman’s ECTOPIA, vision of a baked London where girls stopped being born. ‘A terrific novel with excellent characterisation, world-building, narration and dialogue’ – Interzone.

Kate Horsley’s Frankenstein sequel THE MONSTER’S WIFE. Shortlisted for Scottish First Book of the Year.

D.D.Johnston’s THE SECRET BABY ROOM. A Northern Soul Pick of the Year: ‘the unputdownable type of book, the one where you are loathed to finish, loathe to leave those characters behind, disappointed that reaching the last page means you have to leave their world and go back to your own.’

Sarah Walton’s wild gay Roman love story from 4th Century Alexandria, RUFIUS. ‘Remarkable adriot. Highly recommended.’ –  The Morning Star.

HOPE WALKS BY ME, prose and poetry from ex-offenders in Hull. A Financial Times Book of the Year.

THE MYSTERY OF BRIONY LODGE, David Bagchi’s delightful mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and Three Men in a Boat.

THE BOSTON CASTRATO – Colin W. Sargent takes us to 1920s Boston and the tale of a great castrato.

That Berlin Moment

AND!!! Three PLAYS by Sarah Jane Dickenson:

CBA – a digital thriller for children

REF! – the life of a pioneering woman rugby league referee

THAT BERLIN MOMENT, an identity thriller.


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