SPHINX as a Great Pyramid!
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It’s midsummer day as I write, sun beats back the night for longer. Time to get visionary with in the lands of the Nile, or just lay back with one slam of a great beach read. Take James Thornton‘s high-octane ride out of Ancient Egypt and through the cosmos in his SPHINX: THE SECOND COMING.

Have fun, read the book, join in the debate! Here’s early reader response from Lucinda on Goodreads: ‘An innovative novel that merges together spectacular sci-fi with ancient Egyptian mythology & fact. Upon encountering this unique and rather distinctive novel I was unsure of what to expect, as James Thornton gives ancient Egypt a fresh ‘edgy’ revamp with a science fiction twist. SPHINX is like nothing you will have read before, as despite reading novels by Wilbur Smith and other historical novels I was intrigued by the remarkable sci-fi elements.

IMG_20140504_150733813Delving into the powers of the ancient Egyptian gods this thrilling adventure takes you on an out-of-this-world, unforgettable journey of dazzling wonder.

Methane bubbles beneath the ocean’s beds and catastrophe is coming… A team of westerners is set to unlock a code found deep in the fabric of the Great Pyramid. The puzzle goes beyond time – for secrets of Ancient Egypt are alive beneath modern Cairo. The puzzle stretches into the universe, where the ruling powers on distant galaxies stay alert for the future of planet Earth. This is visionary storytelling of the highest order that takes you deep into the mysteries of Egypt, and the wildest reaches of the imagination. James Thornton deftly interweaves a richly evocative historical backdrop with the 21st century, so seamlessly it is as though the past and present fuse together as one. The convincing storyline brings the past vividly to life on the page with vibrancy, colour and lavish metaphorical descriptions. The symbolic meaning behind the Egyptian mysteries is fascinating, keeping me firmly fixed to the pages of this riveting read of intriguing depth and content.’

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