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Sarah Walton, author of Rufius

Who knows better about top adventures set in the world of Ancient Rome than Steven Saylor? So we asked him for his opinion of this book. Here it is:  “Warning: reading Rufius may induce forbidden thoughts. Also laughter, wonderment, and a discombobulating sensation of time travel. Proceed with caution – but by all means proceed!”

We also know this book shows tremendous literary pedigree,so are delighted with these advance words from Jose Luis de Juan, author of This Breathing World  & fiction  editor of El Pais. ‘Rufius reminds me of Margeurite Yourcenar. Armed with the hypnotic and heretic prose of a pedigree writer, Sarah Walton shows how we got here and the wonders, beliefs and wit we have left behind forever. An orgiastic blast.’

The book gets in among child street gangs, heretic mystics, and bloodthirsty bishops and ancient desert drugs. It’s set in 4th Century Alexandria, where the world’s great library is in peril. Rufius is in charge of books, his eyebrows, and wilful passions for the boys of the town. It’s not just books that are in danger of burning.

Sarah Walton lives in Lewes, delivers digital strategies to businesses, and finds inspiration from buried treasures in the British Library. She has a PhD in Creative Writing. @sarahlwalton

“IN THIS novel, Sarah Walton comprehensively excavates the sights, disputes and social structures of the port of Alexandria in the quarter century leading up to the inter-faith massacres and wholesale destruction of the city’s famous library by Nicene Christian mobs in 391 AD…. The publishers compare Walton’s work to the novels of Mary Renault and, while that is partly true, in her remarkably adroit handling of the intersections between the big questions of faith and politics and the smaller-scale concerns of relationships and identity, there are elements that would not be out of place in novels by Gore Vidal set in the “classical” era. Highly recommended.

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Enjoy Sarah’s appearance at the Philip Larkin Centre, University of Hull.

Downloadable now as an ebook £9.99  ISBN: 9781909954168

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