Ref! Women in Rugby League Drama!
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Cover of REF! - yellow background, upfront photo of a woman referee, whistle raised to her lips.

“I love this game. The true game. It makes you feel you belong whatever bloody genitals you were born with.”

Based on the true story of former rugby league referee Julia Lee, ranging from the 1980s to the present century and across two continents, REF! by Sarah Jane Dickenson is a universal tale of how one woman – against the odds – proves she can not only survive but triumph.

It’s the 1980s and Alex has fallen heavily in love with Rugby League. It’s her life, her passion. She is desperate to be involved in the middle of the game. But women don’t play League; they spectate, wash the kit, make the sausage rolls.  Because her name sounds like a boy’s, Alex wrangles a place on the Rugby League Referee Training Scheme. But those in control are not ready for her, and try very hard to make her disappear.

Sarah Jane Dickenson’s work has been produced in a variety of settings from theatres, sports venues, community centres, schools and prisons, working extensively with large and small casts in participatory and community settings. She has worked most recently with Graeae Theatre Company, the Goethe Institut and The Welcome Trust. See CBA and That Berlin Moment, both published by Barbican Press. She is currently Head of the Department of English, Creative Writing and American Studies at the University of Hull.

Introduction by Julia Lee.

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