Jeremy Corbyn receives The Headscarf Revolutionaries
On March 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

That’s the great thing about a real book, with a cover and pages and everything – you can fight over it.

All in fact is relatively quiet in Labour’s ranks just now, and this is not a picture of two men fighting over one book. It’s a generous gift from Hull MP Karl Turner to Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.



Brian W. Lavery‘s The Headscarf Revolutionaries includes John Prescott as a character, comes with a fine blurb from Alan Johnson, and garners terrific reviews from the Socialist Worker, so it’s something of a natural for any 21st century socialist.

Or traditionalist. Or feminist. Or lover of adventures on the high seas, for that matter.

Thanks Karl Turner for spreading the good word.

And happy reading Jeremy!


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