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A Play for young Adults set in Today’s Digital World

Trialled in schools with young people, CBA is a play that asks the really urgent  questions of today.

It seems so private, just you and the screen. You click ‘send’. Then the whole world crashes through.

Keisha has a secret, Georgia has a security problem and Tom is afraid to speak out.

When should you tell someone’s secret? How can jokes go so wrong?

Fast paced and thought-provoking, CBA examines growing up in a digital world.

The Playwright

Sarah Jane Dickenson is a playwright, National Teaching Fellow and senior lecturer in Drama at the University of Hull. She writes plays and screenplays for adults and for young people. Her plays are performed in theatres across the UK and Europe, and in school and community venues internationally. Her interests as a writer are wide ranging, but all explore the ways that theatre can give voice to marginalized or unheard narratives.

Published by Barbican Press

paperback £9.99     ISBN: 9781909954021

216 x 140mm  perfect bound on white with gloss/lam.  72 pages  Typeset in Trebuchet MS 11/13.2

ebook: £4.99  ISBN: 9781909954038         Cover by Rawshock Design

Distributed by Central Books

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