Hope Walks By Me

By Russ Litten

Category: Poetry

Formats available: Paperback, Ebook

Pages: 96

Publication date: 30/07/19

ISBN-13: 9781909954311

ISBN-10: 1909954314

A Financial Times Book of the Year, 2019. Startlingly raw and original work from ex-offenders in and around Hull, shaped by Josephine Metcalf and writer Russ Litten (spot a few original pieces by Russ in among the mix). These are voices from one of Britain’s edges. They tell life as it is, life as it’s made, life you want to escape, the life you are left with.


Clear, direct and powerful. Some are like haikus. All of it is true.

- Bonnie Greer - Financial Times Book of the Year

Josephine Metcalfe

Dr Josephine Metcalf is a senior lecturer in American Studies at the University of Hull, who is interested in contemporary representations of prison and gangs in American pop-culture Her first book, The Culture and Politics of Contemporary Street Gang Memoirs, was released in 2012 and she has co-edited two collections of essays, one on Ice-T (with Will Turner, Ashgate, 2014) and the other on African American culture and society after Rodney King (with Carina Spaulding, Ashgate, 2015). She is currently working with a group of former prisoners on a British …

Russ Litten

Russ Litten is the author of “Scream If You Want To Go Faster”, “Swear Down” and “Kingdom”. He has also written for TV, film, radio and the stage. Russ spent five years as a Writer In Residence at a prison in the north of England and also runs workshops and seminars in prisons and Youth Offender Institutes across the UK on behalf of English Pen. He is a regular tutor at Arvon Writing Courses and a workshop tutor for First Story in a secondary school. In 2016 Russ, along with …