By Sarah Jane Dickenson

Category: Children's, Drama

Formats available: Paperback, Ebook

Pages: 72

Publication date: 20/03/14

ISBN-13: 9781909954021


Trialled in schools with young people, CBA is a play that asks the really urgent questions of today. It seems so private, just you and the screen. You click ‘send’. Then the whole world crashes through. Keisha has a secret, Georgia has a security problem and Tom is afraid to speak out. When should you tell someone’s secret? How can jokes go so wrong? Fast paced and thought-provoking , CBA examines growing up in a digital world.

Sarah Jane Dickenson

Sarah Jane DSarah Jane Dickenson is a playwright, National Teaching Fellow and senior lecturer in Drama at ickenson is a playwright, Nationa Dr Sarah Jane Dickenson is a playwright and academic, currently a Senior Lecturer in Drama & Creative Writing and Head of Department at the University of Hull. She is a National Teaching Fellow and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She explores the use of autobiography as a way of living in a fragmented, technological and global world. Experimenting with form as a way of realizing …