Barbican Academy

The writers of Barbican Press form a collegial and supportive family. Their writing is about voice and craft and characters and storytelling and also about values. They bring issues from the margins to the centre, and illuminate our society in ways we might have been alert to.

The Academy is our project to extend the Barbican family of writers. Initially it will be a mentoring programme. Writers will support you in developing your voices, your craft, your stories, your characters – help you build on your strengths and face your challenges. They will give you the confidence to express your own values in your work.

Most of our writers have PhDs in Creative Writing – they have been through lots of training and trained others. That happened in an academic setting. The Barbican Academy is for those writers who prefer to work outside of the university system. It is a one-on-one approach, writers focusing their attention on your writing, but we also aim to build up a sense of community. Members of the Academy will be trained in giving sound editorial feedback, and writers will be shown ways to meet each other as constructive readers of each other’s work.

The Barbican Academy will introduce writing courses, workshops, online events and other sessions. The basic mode of delivery will be online, through the likes of Zoom, with writing critiqued in advance of your meetings. Details about costs and structures will follow in the next few weeks.

We hope to win some funding for those who would relish our support but can’t afford it. We are happy to hear from those who wish to make their individual or group  approaches for Arts Council funding to support their mentoring.

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If you have any questions about taking part in the Barbican Academy, please post them here.